Wednesday, January 14, 2009

How is it possible that the wealthiest counties in the US are around DC

Doing a little research has turned up a map of the richest counties in the United States.

What is interesting is following more of the data it seems that DC is the top place. It is amazing to discover that the DC and its suburbs are doing just fine with housing prices and sales. The median income is going up still and they don't seem to be too affected by the recession.

Well doing more research turns up some stats on how there are more government employees in total compared to years ago. There are also more contractors, more high paid lobbyists, more corporate contracts and more of just about every jackass you can think of sucking our tax money off as it is handed out by the government.

If we need a reason why this economy is bad, lets look at the people sucking a massive portion of the economy to line their pockets in DC. This certainly explains why everyone in DC, from the idiot think tanks to the Prophet Obama all want these massive government bailouts. Obviously, to keep paying for their lavish lifestyles at the expense of the rest of us having to live with less or barely live at all.

Further review of that map seems to show that the money seems to go to many places where state capitals. Not in all cases but in many it would seem the politicians, bureaucrats, lobbyists and other government leeches are ensuring they continue to live like kings during this recession.

Just think, before the Prophet Obama has officially started running the country, the liberals at his request have taken almost 3 times the current deficit in less than two weeks. All on these "bailouts" but at least now we know what they are spending the money on. I would not want Pelosi, Obama, the media or lobbyists to suffer too much during this recession.

Please democrats, steal more of my money.

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