Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Prophet Obama is almost in charge, are you ready?

Yes I am calling Obama The Prophet. I feel that any man with a Messiah complex should at least have a title that is more in line with what is probably happening. I am firmly under the belief that no one can eliminate from their mind their childhood and the facts are he lived in an islamic influenced family in an islamic country at an age when you learn the core of your ethics and beliefs. Is that inherently bad, not really if the guy was not a socialist. As a socialist however, he will have the tendency to believe that it is perfectly ok for terrorists, rogue governments or anyone to attack, invade and massacre as long as they are willing to consider negotiating. You should know what I mean, the last 50 years of UN socialist belief that you can negotiate with psycho dictators and beg them to stop trying to kill you as long as we just try to understand them.

I am also under the impression that the liberals actually believe that because The Prophet Obama is running America that the idiots running Iran and every other Islamic country will some how decide to stop trying to genocide America and we would no longer be the great satan.

I know it is a stupid belief. Since Islam has spent the last 1400 years conquering, killing, enslaving and genociding various populations (of course is the same as many religions when it comes to conquering and genocide) there is no reason to believe they will just hang up 1400 years of insanity just because The Prophet Obama is president.

However, we are talking about liberals. They also believe after centuries of failed attempts, some form of Marxism will work too. If the liberals still believe Marxism works, they are dumb enough to believe The Prophet Obama being president will somehow make those nut cases happy.

After all the liberals believed Hitler really meant it when he signed the non-proliferation of war treaty.

Are you ready for The Prophet Obama and the liberals in full control again? Did you know they are the only party to be in full control in the last 90 years, including the media being with them and the only party to have had filibuster proof control in the last 90 years? Anyone remember the 60s or the Great Depression?

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