Friday, January 23, 2009

Government American style is impossible if bad traditions and bad parts of culture exist.

The United States has been around for over 200 years. It is arguably the oldest surviving government that has never had any changes. The United States is by far the most prosperous country in the world. So the question is why has no other country anywhere in the last 233 years ever tried government American style.

In all cases of the hundreds of countries they try despotism, communism, totalitarianism, theocracies all of which are horrendous and result in millions of people dead and the ones still alive poor, starving and defacto slaves to the elite few. If none of these nightmares are chosen they will choose European parliamentary style governments.

Granted most European countries and Japan are doing ok but the reality is they were also built back up with free money from the US after WWII, so it is easy to be prosperous, when you get a leg up. However, all of those countries still have racism running rampant, they have higher unemployment, higher taxes, higher costs of living and so called "free" services like healthcare that will likely leave you dead before you get that heart bypass and the former colonies and other countries are even worse off than the Europeans. Parlimentary style government is certainly better than all of those other choices mentioned but is it really the best choice?

These countries still pass discriminatory laws, they support class division, they are highly taxed societies or societies that are little better than the totalitarian ones with how poor the places are and what services are provided. Most of these places have very little GDP, low salaries and nearly all of them are a coalition break up away from total collapse of the government.

But even with all of that, you would think one out of the 200+ countries would have said, lets try it the american way, instead of the way of our colonial oppressors.

So why not choose American style constutional republics for a government.

The success of the American Constitution and its Government is a result of removing old world traditions and cultural influences that were unproductive or detrimental.

You can't have aristocrats, classes, untouchables, emporers, warlords, chiefs and caliphs in America. You cant have bibles or sharias or zen be the final say in law and what is right or wrong in America. You cant have religion in charge nor the rule by divine right.

To be like america each individual citizen is equal too all others under the law. You can't legislate their thoughts of behavior and you certainly can't dictate what an American does with thier life. To be an American style government each person needs freedom and protection of that freedom, without exception, especially protection from the government and aristocrats.

That is what is common about every other country. NONE of them will give up the parts of their cultures or the bad traditions that create the classes and conditons of the old world. None of those countries will give their people equal freedom. Without being able to leave behind the traditions of the old world, you can't use an American Style government.

Still, you would think one country somewhere would gove success and prosperity a try.

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