Thursday, January 8, 2009

Why is the biased media not defending its own?

I am amazed about this entire Blagojevich crime. The man has blatantly been caught selling a senate seat and was already under investigation for a variety of other crimes and the media is rolling over for this guy. One of his infractions involved the media itself. Blagojevich is the perfect example of exactly the wrong kind of person to elect to anything and the media does nothing. This guy attacks journalists at the Chicago Tribune and then attacks the tribune and the media does nothing.

Why is the media rolling over for this guy?

I realize that the media is biased for the socialist democrats but there comes a point when you have to have some credibility. Media, you are looking like fools by not bringing this fool politician down. The way you attacked Trent Lott years ago and Newt Gingrich proves you know how to take down a politician.

What hold does Blagojevich have on you people?

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