Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Defense is one of the very few jobs explicitly described by the Constitution as the responsibility of the Government and yet no missle defense.

The Prophet Obama takes control of the throne he purchased in a few days. This will complete the triumvirate of The Prophet, Queen Pelosi and Court Jester Reid. The democrats will have taken complete control yet again of everything. History has shown explicitly that democrats having it all is the worst possible government we could have. We have no modern history of republicans with that kind of control. The closest would be way back when the republicans affirmed women had the right to vote.

Well one thing that is certain about the democrats is they will make the US military ineffective. Besides massive cutbacks like they always do, they will also do things like turn over protection of us to the UN and we can hope we don't get invaded and divided out as a spoil of war as Poland was 214 years ago.

I am amazed though that with the fact that the rest of the world has a long history of constantly invading others, current threats from tyrannical regimes like Iran and sabre rattling from supposed allies, the liberals will not allow a missile defense system to be built.

The moronic Cold War mentality of mutual destruction being a deterrent will certainly not work with states run by megalomaniacs running places like North Korea or fools like Bin Laden. Even with more reasonable countries like Russia, China and others we have a risk.

A missile defense presents options we should have. Currently, if anyone sends a missile to us, we have only one choice, retaliation.

The first problem is the liberals are declaring that millions of Americans being killed in the name of having no missile defense is a perfectly ok choice. Though it is consistent at least, since being liberal means following Marxist like ideas which does justify allowing millions to die as long as the Utopian ideas of the liberals are maintained. For the rest of us it means we would have to allow people to be killed by a missile and then we respond with our own missiles.

Who gave the liberals the right to sacrifice your life, instead of doing what the Constitution mandates, which is protect you for a foreign attack?

The second problem is one of choices. If a defense system is in place it and removes the threat, we don't have to retaliate with our own nukes. If no one on our side gets killed, then we can retaliate with a variety of responses from diplomacy, conventional weapons or nukes. Plus we have the added benefit of no one in the US being sacrificed for the liberal agenda.

Of course there is the very bizarre logic of liberals. They don't care of Iran and North Korea obtain weapons. They don't want us to stop them. The liberals don't want us upsetting antagonistic countries, yet the liberals go to any extreme to prevent us from having a defense against these weapons. At the very least, the liberals could demand that North Korea and Iran stop obtaining weapons with the same zeal they use to prevent the US from developing a defense against those weapons.

Well what do you expect from the Prophet Obama and the liberals, they also claim to advocate for women and supposedly are against oppression of certain races yet at the same time the only countries they seem to back are the Islamic countries that oppress women and enslave people.

I guess with the liberals capable of justifying supporting countries that oppress women and enslave people, letting Americans die in a nuclear attack is really not so extreme to the liberals.

The job of government is to protect the country from foreign attack, this should be all the justification needed to develop weapons and defense capabilities.

I wonder how long after the liberals get full control, before the next Islamic attack on US territory or property.

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