Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Prophet Obama has high approval ratings...blah blah blah

It was reported today that the Prophet Obama has high approval ratings and "everyone" loves him. Well that is nice.

The Political Shaman will predict that no matter what happens the media will never have an approval rating for Obama that is ever less than showing everyone loves him.

It is typical behavior for socialist/progressive/liberal democrats. After all their so called leaders do everything from carnal pleasures in the white house, leaving a woman to drown, selling Senate seats and who knows what else and yet they still keep those people. The Prophet Obama is worse because of the messiah complex, I mean who ever gets upset with Messiahs - or Prophets for that matter. This is the only way to explain how fools in other countries with the more extreme forms of socialism continue to let their despotic rulers oppress them.

Just like the fools who loved FDR for turning a recession into a depression and delaying getting into a war until soldiers in Pearl Harbor were killed, the Prophet Obama is set to do at least as much damage as FDR and the liberals you can be assured the media will never report on a poll showing Obama is anything but perfect.

Too bad the democrats and others who voted for the Prophet and continue to give him favorable approval ratings continue to let the media think for them, instead of thinking for themselves.

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