Thursday, January 8, 2009

The race card and Blagojevich's buddy Burris

The race card should be dead. The Prophet Obama is president and he is of African decent. A minority is in the White House, so racism is clearly no longer a problem in the United States and it is not. Other than the few fools in back water places still living as Civil War democrats, and the few fools who voted for the Prophet because his is black, racism is dead.

So the race card should not work anymore. What is amusing though is the race card, long a tool of the democrats who created segregation to use against the party that ended slavery or anyone else who disagrees with them, this tool called a race card only works because of the media.

Right now the only racism in this country is the few laws the government makes to oppress Caucasian and Asian people the few people who still practice things like affirmative action and of course when the media makes unfounded accusations.

Now we get to January and this arrogant Blagojevich appoints this idiot Burris to the senate and what happens, the democrats and media roll over. What the heck kind of power do these two have. How could an idiot governor who committed crimes and a nobody fool who could not get elected to anything as all of his previous positions were appointments and his 4 failed senate runs, force Reid, Pelosi and the rest of the Marxist democrats in the party and media completely roll over and allow this Burris in the building?

This just makes me wonder what did Burris offer Blagojevich for that senate seat?

I do laugh though to see the democrats caught by the race card, a tool of their own invention used against them.

Still people, The Prophet Obama is president, the race card should no longer be effective.

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