Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Current Statistics of the United States, just so we know what the Prophet is starting with.

The Prophet Obama has started to take control of the United States. Being the first full day in office it is very unlikely his magic wand is fully charged and therefore will not solve all problems instantly as the democrat voters believe he will. Lets ensure that we record the statistics of today. It would seem prudent to record this information, so it can be compared to the future marxist eutopia that the Prophet Obama, Queen Pelosi and Court Jester Reid are promising to inflict on the population. It would help to know how much damage they do, since the Media of Truth, will likely ensure that all bad news is somehow portrayed as good. The Political Shaman can predict that most bad news will be reported in the context of "we need to sacrifice" and "we all need to wait it out" with statistics themselves rewritten to appear better by simply rewriting the past, which is to say find a way to not publish the information in the blog again.

Because Queen Pelosi and Court Jester Reid were in power at the time of record for all of this data and The Prophet Obama was a Senator we can blame them for the current state of the Economy. Bush may have been president and Bush could not have done anything without Pelosi and Reid passing the laws to do it. Bush can be blamed for not using his Veto power to prevent the massive liberal spending on corporate welfare certainly and not controlling the spending of the democrats who have been in power for 2 years.

These numbers come from the government and news sources. Economic data from the government is from November and December. This is the most recent official data but again can be considered because Obama was a senator and the current congress in power and could have prevented things from becoming the economy of today. A future post will have the January numbers.
Since the Prophet Obama was in fact a Senator in 2008 it would be incorrect to state he inherited these numbers since he was already in a position to do something about them. Now that we have the facts recorded, we can safely measure what the democrats inflict us with in the coming two years.

GDP $14.412 Trillion
GDP Growth -.5%
deficit $455 Billion
national debt $10.6 Trillion
The cost of a liberal government $4.150 Trillion
The Feds all important interest rate .18
Poverty Rate 12.5%
crime -3.5%
Oil price $41 per barrel
inflation 2.0%
Unemployment rate 6.7%
DOW 8022.53
NASDAQ 1458.58
S$P 500 814.21
New Liberal Corporate welfare (stimulus for 09) $850 Billion
The Prophet Obama's Popularity 60%
Queen Pelosi's Popularity 39%

Note: Court Jester Reid's is apparently so unpopular no polling agency has determined his popularity as of the date of publication of this blog post.,3,1,4,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0.html

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