Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Prophet Obama will be annointed King of the Democrats, since we have no bread, will the democrats let us eat cake?

Hear Ye Hear Ye, The democrats get to anoint their king, Tuesday. A day filled with glee and happiness for the Prophet after his long 2 year struggle of ignoring his senate responsibilities so he could pursue becoming president.

Excuse me while I remain very disappointed in the democrat voters for inflicting us yet again with a democrat congress and president, who have spent the last month ensuring they will do everything possible from raising taxes to spending more in one year on welfare(corporate welfare) than the entire 8 years of Bush. Thank you democrats, I really would rather have this recession turned into a depression like you did years ago, or are you going for a 70s economy. Since there is no good decade when democrats ruled everything, I can only assume a repeat of one of the many bad times you democrats ruled. What is certain is the politicians NEVER learn from the past and will repeat history, we can expect they will repeat some bad decade, such as FDR's folly, while the Prophet Obama, Queen Pelosi, Court Jester Reid and their democrat comrades all rule America. Since history will be repeated I can only assume the liberal elitists who are running this country will send us cake after they have taken all of our money for bread.

It would help if the liberal biased media actually did not rewrite history, since the democrat voters seem to let the liberal media think for them, the media could at least tell their followers what really happened in the past. Well in fairness to the democrat voters, I don't believe concepts like actual history nor facts about politicians are part of that newspeak languange the liberals use.

Well what could be expected. The liberal, socialist, progressive democrats only have part of their court ready with Queen Pelosi and Court Jester Ried, so it makes sense they should try to have their king. Divine right and all of that nonsense, I believe it is called, so who better for a king to rule by divine right than a messiah like prophet.

All hail the Prophet Obama...KING of the Democrats.

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