Friday, January 9, 2009

People of Illinois will you ever vote in a useful governor?

The Political Shaman is wondering why Illinois voters seem to have some of the most corrupt politicians available. What is unbelievable is this character Blagojevich is now having dictator style press conferences where he declares today that the Illinois politicians are simply in legislative disagreement with him and that is why he is being impeached. Hello? Blagojevich, you committed a crime. Remember that? You tried to sell a senate seat and were caught. Well you managed to finally sell that seat to Burris but I do believe this is why you are impeached.

Illinois voters, pull your head out of the sand. This guy is acting like a third world pointless dictator who the people want to oust and he is pretending all is just fine. Get rid of this fool, please. You have managed to vote in a near constant stream of people who ended up in jail or should be, perhaps you should start voting for anyone other than the career politicians.

What is sad though is the entire country just voted in Blagojevich supporter in as the new Prophet of the United States and The Prophet Obama has appointed a bunch of old time corrupt Illinois politicians into his cabinet.

The Political Shaman is wondering how the country will survive Chicago politicians running the country. Should we put in suggestions for the soup kitchens, so we have good meals when we need them, since that is where the marxists in Obama's cabinet want us to be?

Queen Pelosi, Court Jester Reid are either of you going to shut down this guy Blagojevich, he is making the already blackened name of liberalism even worse.

Maybe we should ban Illinois voters from national elections until they can prove to be able to vote a majority of less corrupt politicians into office.

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